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Some chemistry of Ru3(μ-H)(μ3-CMeCHCMe)(CO)9: Reactions with diphenylethyne and characterization of a dierold derivative

MI Bruce, JM Gulbis, PA Humphrey, RJ Surynt, ERT Tiekink

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1997


The complex Ru3(μ3-CEtCMeCPhCPh)(CO)7{Au 2(PPh3)2}(3) has been shown by a single-crystal X-ray structure determination to contain a C4Au2Ru3 cluster with an unusual geometry, consisting of the Au2 unit interacting with a C4Ru3 pentagonal bipyramid. Complex (3) was obtained from [OAu(PPh3)}3][BF4]/[ppn][Co(CO)4] and the product (2) obtained from C2Ph2 and Ru3(μ-H)-(μ3-CMeCHCMe)(CO)9, previously assumed to have a CMeCEtCPhCPh ligand.

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