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Fractional indentation of dilatant granular materials

A Tordesillas, J Shi

Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences | Published : 1999


The frictional indentation of a semi-infinite dilatant granular mass is examined assuming plane strain conditions. Complete solutions are provided for the problem of indentation by a flat punch and a wedge. Several important results arising from this study include (i) a generalization of Prandtl's solution for the flat punch which shows that the sides of the triangular dead material which develops underneath a frictional flat punch are inclined to the punch face at an angle which lies between (this result is precisely that found experimentally by Bekker and Peynircioglu); (ii) a prediction of the range of wedge semiangles and wedge-material friction coefficient for which the so-called dead-m..

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