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Safety and efficacy of two live Pasteurella multocida aro-A mutant vaccines in chickens.

PC Scott, JF Markham, KG Whithear

Avian Dis | Published : 1999


Two auxotrophic aro-A mutants of Pasteurella multocida designated PMP1 (serotype 1) and PMP3 (serotype 3) were tested as vaccine candidates to protect chickens against fowl cholera. A reliable intratracheal challenge method was established that resulted in > or = 75% mortality in both specific-pathogen-free chickens and commercial broiler breeders 24 hr after challenge. Dose protection studies indicated that at least 10(6) colony-forming units (CFU) of PMP1 and 10(8) CFU of PMP3 were required to provide complete protection against challenge in all birds. Although high doses of 10(9) CFU of the vaccine strains produced some endotoxinlike reactions, lower but protective dose levels produced no..

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