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Dialogical critical thinking: Elements of definitions emerging in the analysis of transcripts from pupils aged 10 to 12 years

MF Daniel, L Splitter, C Slade, L Lafortune, R Pallascio, P Mongeau

Australian Journal of Education | Published : 2004


We aim to clarify Matthew Lipman's definition of critical thinking. The research project was conducted during a complete school year among eight groups of pupils from three cultural contexts: Australia, Mexico and Quebec. We worked in an inductive manner, inspired by the grounded theory approach, and analysed transcripts of the pupils' exchanges while they used a philosophical approach adapted to mathematics. Analysis of the transcripts was performed according to the characteristics of a grid that we developed elsewhere, which represented the manifestations of 'dialogical critical thinking' in pupils aged 10 to 12. From the analysis, the Lipmanian criteria (sensitivity to context thinking go..

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