Journal article

Vascular prostacyclin and Goldblatt hypertensive rats.

GJ Dusting, PA Dickens, R DiNicolantonio, AE Doyle

J Hypertens | Published : 1984


Vascular prostacyclin production in Goldblatt hypertension was examined in one-kidney, one clip (1K, 1C) and two-kidney, one clip (2K, 1C) rat models. Vasodepressor responses to prostacyclin and nitroprusside correlated well with resting blood pressure in both groups of rats, but when measured as a percentage of resting blood pressure the responses did not differ significantly between hypertensive rats and the normotensive controls within each group. In contrast, the vasodepressor effects of arachidonic acid (1-3 mg/kg, i.v.) were much greater in the 1K, 1C rats than in their normotensive controls, but did not differ significantly between hypertensive 2K, 1C rats and sham-operated controls. ..

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