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Impaired endothelium-dependent relaxation of dog coronary arteries after myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion: prevention by amlodipine, propranolol and allopurinol.

CG Sobey, RA Dalipram, GJ Dusting, OL Woodman

Br J Pharmacol | Published : 1992


1. Anaesthetized, open-chest dogs were subjected to 60 min of left circumflex coronary artery occlusion followed by 90 min of reperfusion. Endothelium-dependent and -independent relaxant responses of the isolated coronary arterial rings were then investigated. 2. The endothelium-dependent, acetylcholine-induced relaxation of ischaemic/reperfused arterial rings was significantly attenuated in comparison to control rings (1.9 fold rightward shift, ischaemic/reperfused maximum relaxation = 57 +/- 13% of control maximum relaxation; P less than 0.05). In contrast, glyceryl trinitrate produced similar relaxant responses in control and ischaemic rings. 3. Pretreatment of dogs with either amlodipine..

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