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Physiological concentrations of epinephrine potentiate thromboxane A2 release from platelets in the isolated rat heart.

M Purchase, GJ Dusting, DM Li, MA Read

Circ Res | Published : 1986


The isolated rat heart perfused with washed platelets was used as a model to examine platelet-vessel wall interactions. Release of prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 was measured, using a cascade of smooth muscle bioassay tissues or radioimmunoassays of the stable hydration products. In hearts perfused with rabbit or human platelets, injection of sodium arachidonate caused release of both prostacyclin and thromboxane A2. In hearts perfused with aspirin-pretreated platelets, arachidonate released only prostacyclin indicating that thromboxane A2 originates largely in the platelets. Infusion of epinephrine (0.6-6 nmol/liter) through the heart potentiated arachidonate-induced release of thromboxane..

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