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Effect of prostacyclin infusion during low-flow ischaemia in the isolated perfused rat heart.

WG Nayler, M Purchase, GJ Dusting

Basic Res Cardiol | Published : 1984


Although prostacyclin (PGI2) has been shown to exert a protective effect on ischaemic hearts its precise mode of action remains obscure. Possible explanations include protection of the high energy phosphate stores (ATP and CP), maintenance of homeostasis with respect to Ca2+, and an antiaggregatory effect. The following experiments were undertaken to investigate these possibilities, using isolated, spontaneously beating rat hearts perfused with Krebs-Henseleit solution. Ischaemia was induced at 37 degrees C for 30 min by reducing the flow rate from 10.0 to 0.1 ml/min, and was followed by reperfusion. PGI2 was given as a constant infusion (20 ng/ml). The hearts were frozen and assayed for ATP..

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