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Some direct and reflex cardiovascular actions of prostacyclin (PGI2) and prostaglandin E2 in anaesthetized dogs.

DJ Chapple, GJ Dusting, R Hughes, JR Vane

Br J Pharmacol | Published : 1980


1 The aim of the study was to determine the mechanism of the hypotension and bradycardia produced by prostacyclin (PGI2). 2 Haemodynamic studies were carried out in nineteen open-chest beagle dogs anaesthetized with chloralose. PGI2 was infused intravenously or into the left atrium. 3 Infusions of PGI2 either intravenously or into the left atrium equally reduced arterial pressure and total peripheral resistance but bradycardia was greater after infusion into the left atrium. 4 Comparison of effects of PGI2 with those of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) showed that although left atrial infusions both reduced aortic pressure and total peripheral resistance, PGE2 always increased heart rate, cardiac out..

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