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Depression of the inotropic action of isoprenaline by nitric oxide synthase induction in rat isolated hearts.

X Sun, S Wei, C Szabo, GJ Dusting

Eur J Pharmacol | Published : 1997


The mechanisms involved in myocardial dysfunction during septic shock are not well understood. We have investigated the effects of endotoxin and the role of nitric oxide (NO) in the beta-adrenoceptor responsiveness of rat isolated, ejecting hearts perfused at 60 mmHg of head pressure. In vivo pretreatment with endotoxin (4 mg/kg, i.p., 3 h before heart isolation) significantly attenuated the inotropic response (increase in left ventricular developed pressure, LVP) to isoprenaline (0.15 microgram) after 30 min equilibration and after a further 90 min of perfusion. The peak rate of LVP development (dP/dtmax) in response to isoprenaline was reduced by endotoxin pretreatment, as was the increase..

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