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Enhanced vasoconstriction by serotonin in rabbit carotid arteries with atheroma-like lesions in vivo.

CG Sobey, GJ Dusting, OL Woodman

Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol | Published : 1991


1. In a new animal model which mimics the cellular events of early human atherosclerosis, atheroma-like lesions were produced by positioning a hollow silastic collar around the common carotid arteries of rabbits. The functional significance of these arterial lesions on blood flow responses to vasoactive agents was then studied in anaesthetized rabbits in vivo. 2. After 1 week of lesion development, resting blood flow was lower in atherosclerotic (cuffed) carotid arteries compared with the contralateral, sham-operated control arteries. 3. Intra-carotid injection of serotonin (0.01-1 microgram) produced dose-dependent increases in blood flow in control arteries, but produced either smaller inc..

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