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Vascular actions of arachidonic acid and its metabolites in perfused mesenteric and femoral beds of the dog.

GJ Dusting, S Moncada, JR Vane

Eur J Pharmacol | Published : 1978


The effects of arachidonate and its major metabolites were examined in vascular beds perfused via the femoral and mesenteric arteries of chloralose-anaesthetised dogs. Close intra-arterial injection of prostacyclin (PGI2, 0.02--2 microgram), PGE2 (0.05--1 microgram) and their precursors, the endoperoxide PGH2 (0.5--2 microgram) and sodium arachidonate (100--550 microgram), all induced vasodilatation. Sodium linoleate (500 microgram) was inactive. Prostacyclin was equally active in both vascular beds, but PGE2 was more potent in the femoral and less so in the mesenteric bed. PGH2 was of similar potency to prostacyclin in both beds, but 6-oxo-PGF 1 alpha (10--100 microgram) was inactive. Throm..

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