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Review of: Comparison of gene expression profiles predicting progression in breast cancer patients treated with tamoxifen

S Loi

Breast Cancer Online | Published : 2008


Citation of original article:Koket al.Breast Cancer Research and Treatment4 March 2008 [Epub ahead of print].Abstract of the original article:Background:Molecular signatures that predict outcome in tamoxifen-treated breast cancer patients have been identified. For the first time, we compared these response profiles in an independent cohort of (neo)adjuvant systemic treatment naïve breast cancer patients treated with first-line tamoxifen for metastatic disease.Methods:From a consecutive series of 246 estrogen receptor (ER) positive primary tumors, gene expression profiling was performed on available frozen tumors using 44K oligoarrays (n= 69). A 78-gene tamoxifen response profile (formerly co..

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