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Resistance to fluid flow in veins.

DA Scott, JA Fox, A Cnaan, BK Philip, LJ Lind, MA Palleiko, JM Stelling, JH Philip

J Clin Monit | Published : 1996


We evaluated the resistance to fluid infusion in the veins of 118 adult patients after intravenous catheter insertion prior to elective surgery. Hydraulic resistance in veins was defined as the slope of the pressure-flow relationship obtained by measuring venous pressure at several fluid flow rates. A resistance unit (RU) was defined as 1 mmHg/L/hr. Resistance in veins ranged from -12.1 to 732 RU, with 50th and 95th percentiles being 22 and 198 RU, respectively. Venous resistance was not significantly affected by site of catheter insertion, tissue characteristics at the insertion site, age, sex, patient anxiety, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status, or catheter size. This re..

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