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A comparison of albumin, polygeline and crystalloid priming solutions for cardiopulmonary bypass in patients having coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

DA Scott, PJ Hore, J Cannata, K Masson, B Treagus, J Mullaly

Perfusion | Published : 1995


This study was designed to assess the effect of different prime solution compositions on a patient's fluid balance, transfusion requirements, renal function and haemodynamic stability over the first 24 hours postbypass. Ninety-three patients presenting for first-time coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery were randomly allocated to receive one of three prime solutions for the CPB pump: albumin (4.6%) + Plasmalyte (Group A, n = 32), polygeline (Hemaccel) + Plasmalyte (Group P, n = 29), or crystalloid (Plasmalyte) alone (Group C, n = 32). Patients, anaesthetists, surgeons and intensive care unit (ICU) staff were all blinded as to the solution type. The groups were demographically and haem..

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