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Epidural space as a Starling resistor and elevation of inflow resistance in a diseased epidural space.

AG Rocco, JH Philip, RA Boas, D Scott

Reg Anesth | Published : 1997


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The origin and the presence of negative pressure in the epidural space as well as the relationship of the extent of epidural anesthesia to epidural pressure has long been a subject of controversy. To further elucidate epidural pressure and its time course, the pressure at the needle tip was continuously measured as it traversed the interspinous ligament and the ligamentum flavum. METHODS: In a group of 22 patients, fluid was infused under gravity, and in a second group of 25 patients, boluses of fluid were administered at controlled infusion rates and under gravity. The volume-pressure-flow relationship was thus measured in one of two ways, either with a manual syr..

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