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Substituted glycals as probes of glycosidase mechanisms.

EC Lai, SA Morris, IP Street, SG Withers

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry | Published : 1996


D-Glucal and a series of substituted derivatives have been tested as substrates, inhibitors and inactivators of the Agrobacterium faecalis beta-glucosidase in order to probe structure/function relationships in this enzyme. D-Glucal is shown to be a substrate (kcat = 2.3 min-1, Km = 0.85 mM) undergoing hydration with stereospecific protonation from the alpha-face to yield 2-deoxy-beta-D-glucose. 1-Methyl-D-glucal surprisingly serves as only a poor substrate (kcat = 0.056 min-1, Km = 57 mM), also undergoing protonation from the alpha-face. 2-Fluoro-D-glucal, however is completely inert, as a result of inductive destabilisation of the oxocarbenium ion-like transition state for protonation, and ..

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