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Duration of action of pentaerythritol trinitrate and nitroglycerine: a comparison using exercise performance and haemodynamic alterations.

J Vohra, G Baker, D Ross, D Hunt, G Sloman

Aust N Z J Med | Published : 1979


Summary: The duration of action of pentaerythritol trinitrate (PTN), an organic nitrate for sublingual administration, was compared with that of nitroglycerine (NG) by exercise testing and haemodynamic measurements. A group of ten patients (exercise study A) with effort induced angina were exercised on a bicycle 15 and 45 minutes after double blind randomised administration of PTN, NG or a placebo. Each patient was exercised on three separate occasions and acted as his own control. The results showed that PTN was effective at 15 and 45 minutes (P = < 0.01 and <0.02) while NG was active at 15 minutes but not at 45 minutes (P = 0.05). Another group of nine patients (exercise study B) were exer..

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