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Assessment of aortocoronary bypass graft patency by intra-arterial digital subtraction angiography compared to selective graft angiography.

LE Grigg, D Hunt, W Chan, K Thomson

Aust N Z J Med | Published : 1988


The value of digital subtraction angiography (DSA), in assessing aortocoronary bypass graft patency, was evaluated by studying 22 consecutive patients with 54 aortocoronary saphenous vein bypass grafts, who had postoperative angina pectoris. Each patient underwent selective graft angiography and non-gated DSA. The DSA consisted of a run of 15 to 20 frames, taken at 2.3 frames per second during injection of diluted contrast in the ascending aorta, performed after a test exposure was made. Thirty-two of the 54 grafts (59%) were patent. Thirty of the 32 grafts were seen to be patent by both selective graft angiography and DSA. In addition, a further two grafts were found to be patent on DSA, bu..

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