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The effects of knee injury on skeletal muscle function, Na , K -ATPase content, and isoform abundance

Ben D Perry, Pazit Levinger, Hayden G Morris, Aaron C Petersen, Andrew P Garnham, Itamar Levinger, Michael J McKenna



While training upregulates skeletal muscle Na(+), K(+)-ATPase (NKA), the effects of knee injury and associated disuse on muscle NKA remain unknown. This was therefore investigated in six healthy young adults with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, (KI; four females, two males; age 25.0 ± 4.9 years; injury duration 15 ± 17 weeks; mean ± SD) and seven age- and BMI-matched asymptomatic controls (CON; five females, two males). Each participant underwent a vastus lateralis muscle biopsy, on both legs in KI and one leg in CON. Muscle was analyzed for muscle fiber type and cross-sectional area (CSA), NKA content ([(3)H]ouabain binding), and α1-3 and β1-2 isoform abundance. Participants also complet..

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Awarded by National Heart Foundation of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

Dr. Perry was supported through a Victoria University Postgraduate scholarship. Dr. I Levinger was supported by a Future Leader Fellowship (ID: 100040) from the National Heart Foundation of Australia. Drs P Levinger and A Petersen were supported by funding through the Australian Commonwealth Government Collaborative Research Network.