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Milk Bottom-Up Proteomics: Method Optimization.

Delphine Vincent, Vilnis Ezernieks, Aaron Elkins, Nga Nguyen, Peter J Moate, Benjamin G Cocks, Simone Rochfort

Frontiers in Genetics | Published : 2015


Milk is a complex fluid whose proteome displays a diverse set of proteins of high abundance such as caseins and medium to low abundance whey proteins such as ß-lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, glycoproteins, peptide hormones, and enzymes. A sample preparation method that enables high reproducibility and throughput is key in reliably identifying proteins present or proteins responding to conditions such as a diet, health or genetics. Using skim milk samples from Jersey and Holstein-Friesian cows, we compared three extraction procedures which have not previously been applied to samples of cows' milk. Method A (urea) involved a simple dilution of the milk in a urea-based buffer, met..

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