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Cornerstones to shape modeling for the 21st century: introducing the AKA-Glucose project.

Ray Boston, Darko Stefanovski, Peter Moate, Oscar Linares, Peter Greif

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology | Published : 2003


In this paper, we have reflected on the historical development during the twentieth century of several major cornerstones on which the edifice of mathematical modeling in nutrition and the health sciences was built. When we consider the scope and magnitude of problems in nutrition and the health sciences that have been addressed and solved by mathematical modeling, we as a group can justifiably feel a certain amount of satisfaction. But we should not be complacent. So much more remains to be done. The increasing pace of developments in biology (e.g., the human genome project) places a whole new range of challenges before us. We can also reflect on the mathematical basis of modeling and consi..

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