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A simulation model assisted study on water and nitrogen dynamics and their effects on crop performance in the wheat-maize system: (II) model calibration, evaluation and simulated experimentation

H Lü, W Liang, G Wang, DJ Connor, GM Rimmington

Frontiers of Agriculture in China | Published : 2009


The test on the model with data collected from two years' field experiments revealed an ability to satisfactorily simulate crop parameters such as LAI, biomass accumulation and partitioning, yield, and variables influencing crop growth and development as nitrogen uptake by crops and partitioning in different organs, and dynamics of soil water and nitrogen including infiltration and leaching. With the model, crop yield, water use efficiency (WUE), nitrogen use efficiency (NYE) and water-nitrogen leaching at specific soil layers under various water and nitrogen management practices were simulated to provide data used as references for designing sustainable nitrogen and water management practic..

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