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Yield determination in olive hedgerow orchards. I. Yield and profiles of yield components in northsouth and eastwest oriented hedgerows

M Gómez-Del-Campo, A Centeno, DJ Connor

Crop and Pasture Science | Published : 2009


A study of the vertical distribution of flowering and fruit set and of components of yield (fruit numbers, fruit size, and fruit oil content) was maintained for 2 years in NS- and EW-oriented olive hedgerows of comparable structure (row spacing 4m, hedgerow height to 2.5m, width c. 1m) near Toledo, Spain (39.9N). Mean yield of the NS orchard was 1854kg oil/ha without difference between sides or years. Yield of the EW orchard was greater in 2006, producing 2290kg/ha, but only 1840kg/ha in 2007, the same as the NS orchard. The S side of the EW orchard yielded more (59%) than the N side in 2007. In both orchards and years, most fruit was produced at 1.02.0m height and fruit density was the most..

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