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Newborn encephalopathy in term infants: Three approaches to population- based investigation

N Badawi, JJ Kurinczuk, D Hall, D Field, PJ Pemberton, FJ Stanley

Seminars in Neonatology | Published : 1997


Epidemiological studies of abnormal neonatal neurology-newborn encephalopathy- are of value not only because of their intrinsic interest, but also because newborn encephalopathy as a potential indicator of the quality of intrapartum care needs to be evaluated. As newborn encephalopathy has a closer temporal relationship to the exposures of interest than does cerebral palsy, it would have a significant advantage over cerebral palsy as an index of intrapartum care. However, the proportion of newborn encephalopathy cases which arise in labour needs to be determined accurately before we can contemplate using the occurrence of newborn encephalopathy as such an indicator. Few good epidemiological ..

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