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Predictors of neonatal encephalopathy in full-term infants.

SJ Adamson, LM Alessandri, N Badawi, PR Burton, PJ Pemberton, F Stanley

BMJ | Published : 1995


OBJECTIVE: Preliminary investigation of the contribution of adverse antepartum and intrapartum factors to neonatal encephalopathy in singleton neonates born full term. DESIGN: Matched case-control study based on incidence density sampling of controls. SETTING: Two major teaching hospitals (one paediatric and one obstetric) and three peripheral maternity hospitals in Perth, Western Australia (population 1.2 million). SUBJECTS: 89 cases, all the full term singleton neonates born during an eight month period in 1992 who fulfilled one or more of six criteria during the first week of life (seizures, abnormal conscious state, persistent hypertonia or hypotonia, and feeding or respiratory difficult..

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