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Voluntary contraction and responses to submaximal cervical nerve root stimulation.

R Shafiq, R Macdonell

Muscle Nerve | Published : 1994


Voluntary contraction of hand muscles increases compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitudes evoked by submaximal electrical percutaneous cervical stimulation (EPCS). This has been reported to be due to an intraspinal, presynaptic mechanism. We studied the effects of voluntary contraction on hypothenar CMAP amplitudes in 5 volunteers following electrical peripheral nerve stimulation at the wrist, EPCS, magnetic stimulation at the neck and the effects of a conditioning subthreshold cortical magnetic stimulus on CMAPs evoked by EPCS at rest. CMAP amplitudes increased with voluntary contraction of the target muscle, regardless of type or location of stimulus (P < 0.001). No increase in CM..

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