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Generation and characterization of neuregulin-2-deficient mice.

Joanne M Britto, Sherralee Lukehurst, Renae Weller, Chris Fraser, Yubin Qiu, Paul Hertzog, Samantha J Busfield

Molecular and Cellular Biology | Published : 2004


The neuregulins (NRGs) are a family of four structurally related growth factors that are expressed in the developing and adult brain. NRG-1 is essential for normal heart formation and has been implicated in the development and maintenance of both neurons and glia. NRG-2 was identified on the basis of its homology to NRG-1 and, like NRG-1, is expressed predominantly by neurons in the central nervous system. We have generated mice with the active domain of NRG-2 deleted in an effort to characterize the biological function of NRG-2 in vivo. In contrast to the NRG-1 knockout animals, NRG-2 knockouts have no apparent heart defects and survive embryogenesis. Mutant mice display early growth retard..

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