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Selecting antagonistic antibodies that control differentiation through inducible expression in embryonic stem cells.

Anna N Melidoni, Michael R Dyson, Sam Wormald, John McCafferty

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Published : 2013


Antibodies that modulate receptor function have great untapped potential in the control of stem cell differentiation. In contrast to many natural ligands, antibodies are stable, exquisitely specific, and are unaffected by the regulatory mechanisms that act on natural ligands. Here we describe an innovative system for identifying such antibodies by introducing and expressing antibody gene populations in ES cells. Following induced antibody expression and secretion, changes in differentiation outcomes of individual antibody-expressing ES clones are monitored using lineage-specific gene expression to identify clones that encode and express signal-modifying antibodies. This in-cell expression an..

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