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Resynchronization therapy in pediatric and congenital heart disease patients - An international multicenter study

AM Dubin, J Janousek, E Rhee, MJ Strieper, F Cecchin, IH Law, KM Shannon, J Temple, E Rosenthal, FJ Zimmerman, A Davis, PP Karpawich, A Al Ahmad, VL Vetter, NJ Kertesz, M Shah, C Snyder, E Stephenson, M Emmel, S Sanatani Show all

Journal of the American College of Cardiology | ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC | Published : 2005


OBJECTIVES: Our objective was to evaluate the short-term safety and efficacy of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) in children. BACKGROUND: Cardiac resynchronization therapy has been beneficial for adult patients with poor left ventricular function and intraventricular conduction delay. The efficacy of this therapy in the young and in those with congenital heart disease (CHD) has not yet been established. METHODS: This is a multi-center, retrospective evaluation of CRT in 103 patients from 22 institutions. RESULTS: Median age at time of implantation was 12.8 years (3 months to 55.4 years). Median duration of follow-up was four months (22 days to 1 year). The diagnosis was CHD in 73 pati..

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