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Resting B cells suppress tumor immunity via an MHC class-II dependent mechanism.

Victoria Watt, Franca Ronchese, David Ritchie

J Immunother | Published : 2007


Resting B cells have been variously shown to induce direct tolerance of antigen specific CD8+ T cells, induce T-cell anergy via transforming growth factor-beta production, down-regulate interleukin-12 production by dendritic cells (DC) and influence TH1/TH2 differentiation via the production of regulatory cytokines. Through these mechanisms, B cells can exert a regulatory function in in vivo models of T-cell immunity including, experimental autoimmune encephalitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Here, we show that the resting B cells inhibit the ability of DC vaccination to provide protection from tumor growth. Inhibition of DC induced immunity by B cells was independent of presentation of major h..

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