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A style-specific 120-kDa glycoprotein enters pollen tubes of Nicotiana alata in vivo

JL Lind, I Bönig, AE Clarke, MA Anderson

Sexual Plant Reproduction | Published : 1996


Pistils of Nicotiana alata (Link et Otto) contain an abundant, style- specific glycoprotein (120 kDa) that is rich in hydroxyproline and has both extensin-like and arabinogalactan-protein-like carbohydrate substitutents. An antibody specific for the protein backbone of the glycoprotein was used to localise the glycoprotein in both unpollinated and pollinated pistils. The glycoprotien is evenly distributed in the extracellular matrix of the style transmitting tract of unpollinated pistils and, despite the presence of extensin-like carbohydrate substituents, is not associated with the walls of the transmitting tract cells. In pollinated pistils the 120-kDa glycoprotein is concentrated in the e..

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