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Molecular and evolutionary aspects of self-incompatibility in flowering plants.

SL Mau, MA Anderson, M Heisler, V Haring, BA McClure, AE Clarke

Symp Soc Exp Biol | Published : 1991


Self-incompatibility (SI) is widely distributed in flowering plants. In this review, early work on the biology, genetics and distribution of SI is summarized. Approaches to understanding the molecular genetics of SI have been made in two systems-Solanaceous species, for example Nicotiana alata, which have gametophytic systems of SI, and Brassica spp, which have sporophytic systems of SI. The information in both systems is derived from cDNAs that encode pistil glycoproteins (S-glycoproteins) that segregate with S-genotype. Comparison of the sequence data indicates that the gametophytic and sporophytic systems of SI probably arose independently during the evolution of angiosperms. The S-glycop..

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