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Complexity of potassium acquisition: how much flows through channels?

Devrim Coskun, Herbert J Kronzucker

Plant Signaling & Behavior | Published : 2013


The involvement of potassium (K(+))-selective, Shaker-type channels, particularly AKT1, in primary K(+) acquisition in roots of higher plants has long been of interest, particularly in the context of low-affinity K(+) uptake, at high K(+) concentrations, as well as uptake from low-K(+) media under ammonium (NH₄(+)) stress. We recently demonstrated that K(+) channels cannot mediate K(+) acquisition in roots of intact barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) seedlings at low (22.5 µM) external K(+) concentrations ([K(+)](ext)) and in the presence of high (10 mM) external NH₄(+), while the model species Arabidopsis thaliana L. utilizes channels under comparable conditions. However, when external NH₄(+) was ..

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