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Injury talk: spontaneous parent-child conversations in the aftermath of a potentially traumatic event

Eva Alisic, Shaminka Gunaratnam, Anna Barrett, Rowena Conroy, Helen Jowett, Silvia Bressan, Franz E Babl, Roderick McClure, Vicki Anderson, Matthias R Mehl



BACKGROUND: While talking about traumatic experiences is considered central to psychological recovery, little is known about how these conversations occur in daily life. OBJECTIVE: We investigated spontaneous injury talk among parents and children in the aftermath of a child's hospitalisation due to physical trauma, and its relationship with children's socioemotional functioning. METHODS: In a prospective naturalistic observation study, we audio-sampled the daily life of 71 families with the Electronically Activated Recorder after their child (3-16 years old) was discharged from hospital. We collected close to 20 000 snippets of audio information, which were double-coded for conversation cha..

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Awarded by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Rubicon Fellowship)

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This project has been supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Rubicon Fellowship #446-11-021); the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia (Early Career Fellowship #1090229 and Centre of Research Excellence for Paediatric Emergency Medicine); Monash University (Larkins program); the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship; the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program; and Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, Melbourne.