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Addition of interleukin-6 to mouse embryo culture increases blastocyst cell number and influences the inner cell mass to trophectoderm ratio

Rebecca L Kelley, David K Gardner

Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine | KOREAN SOC REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE | Published : 2017


OBJECTIVE: In vitro culture of preimplantation embryos is improved by grouping embryos together in a drop of media. Individually cultured embryos are deprived of paracrine factors; with this in mind, we investigated whether the addition of a single embryo-secreted factor, interleukin-6 (IL-6), could improve the development of individually cultured embryos. METHODS: Mouse embryos were cultured individually in 2 µL of G1/G2 media in 5% oxygen and supplemented with a range of doses of recombinant mouse or human IL-6. RESULTS: Mouse IL-6 increased hatching at doses of 0.01 and 10 ng/mL compared to the control (93% and 93% vs. 78%, p<0.05) and increased the total number of cells at a dose of 0.1 ..

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