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Different membrane cofactor protein (CD46) isoforms protect transfected cells against antibody and complement mediated lysis.

BE Loveland, RW Johnstone, SM Russell, BR Thorley, IF McKenzie

Transpl Immunol | Published : 1993


The need for organ transplantation, especially of kidneys, exceeds the availability of human donors and the possibility of xenotransplantation from suitable animals is now being addressed. The immediate barrier to success is hyperacute graft rejection, resulting from naturally occurring xenoreactive antibodies and the activation of complement. It is proposed that the intensity of the hyperacute response can be reduced by providing additional regulatory molecules to limit activation of the complement cascade, initially as transfected gene products in cultured cells as an in vitro model and eventually as a transgene in potential donor animals, such as pigs. Limiting the activity of C3b reduces..

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