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Analytic Considerations and Design Basis for the IEEE Distribution Test Feeders

KP Schneider, BA Mather, BC Pal, C-W Ten, GJ Shirek, H Zhu, JC Fuller, JLR Pereira, LF Ochoa, LR de Araujo, RC Dugan, S Matthias, S Paudyal, TE McDermott, W Kersting

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems | IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC | Published : 2018


For nearly 20 years, the Test Feeder Working Group of the Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee has been developing openly available distribution test feeders for use by researchers. The purpose of these test feeders is to provide models of distribution systems that reflect the wide diversity in design and their various analytic challenges. Because of their utility and accessibility, the test feeders have been used for a wide range of research, some of which has been outside the original scope of intended uses. This paper provides an overview of the existing distribution feeder models and clarifies the specific analytic challenges that they were originally designed to examine. Additional..

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