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Thermal state and composition of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Daldyn kimberlite field, Yakutia

WL Griffin, FV Kaminsky, CG Ryan, SY OReilly, TT Win, IP Ilupin



The proton microprobe has been used to study the distribution of trace elements in garnet and chromite concentrates from the Udachnaya kimberlite and three smaller, low-grade kimberlites from the Daldyn kimberlite field. Garnet thermobarometry and classical P-T estimates for megacrystalline peridotite xenoliths both suggest a Paleozoic geotherm beneath the Daldyn area that is close to a 35 mW/m2 conductive model. Finer-grained xenoliths with T 190 km. High-T Iherzolite garnets carry a distinctive trace-element fingerprint showing enrichment in Zr, Ti, Y and Ga, interpreted as due to the infiltration of asthenosphere-derived melts. This melt-related metasomatic signature becomes the dominant..

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