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Correlation of N.M.R. Chemical Shifts of N-Methyl Protons of Substituted Dimethylanilines with Hammett Substituent Constants

ID Rae, LK Dyall

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1966


The proton magnetic resonance chemical shifts of N-methyl protons in para-substituted NN-dimethylanilines have been correlated with the Hammett �- value of the para substituent. The correlation yields �- values of 1.57 � 0.09 and 0.85 � 0.09 for the para nitroso and para 4'-dimethylaminobenzoyl substituents, respectively. The solvent shift of the N-methyl protons between chloroform and benzene solutions also fits a linear correlation with Hammett �-, and yields �- = 1.52 � 0.11 for the para-nitroso substituent.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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