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Metabolism: Positron Emission Tomography in the Measurement of Regional Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Newborn Infants

JC Sinclair, S Garnett, C Nahmias, G Firnau, DB Kenyon, PT Nobbs, LW Doyle

Pediatrics International | Published : 1985


The new diagnostic technique, positron emission tomography with 18F‐DG, was used to obtain qualitative estimates of regional cerebral glucose metabolism in newborn infants with perinatal asphyxia, cerebral hemorrhage or focal motor seizures. Glucose metabolism of gray and white matter structures in the brain could be differentiated clearly. Decreased glucose metabolism was identified in regions of the brain shown by CT scan to be structurally abnormal. A localized increase in glucose metabolism was demonstrated in the contralateral cerebral hemisphere of a newborn with focal motor seizures. Positron emission tomography is a promising new diagnostic tool for study of newborn infants with supe..

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