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The effects of varying inflation and deflation pressures on the maximal expiratory deflation flow-volume relationship in anesthetized rhesus monkeys.

CJ Newth, B Amsler, GP Anderson, J Morley

Am Rev Respir Dis | Published : 1991


Deflation flow-volume curve analysis is a pulmonary function test sensitive to small airways dysfunction that is suitable for use in infants and children who are intubated. This test relies upon deflation flow-volume (DFV) curve analysis, which is a technique to obtain maximal expiratory flow-volume curves (MEFV) by forced deflation of the lungs in infants who are intubated. The method mimics the voluntary forced flow-volume curves that adults and older children undertake. We studied 10 anesthetized male Rhesus monkeys of the same weight as human infants but developmentally equivalent to older children. We reviewed the effects on forced deflation vital capacity (DVC) and flows at various sub..

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