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A Mechanism for Symmetry Breaking and Shape Control in Single-Crystal Gold Nanorods

Michael J Walsh, Wenming Tong, Hadas Katz-Boon, Paul Mulvaney, Joanne Etheridge, Alison M Funston



The phenomenon of symmetry breaking-in which the order of symmetry of a system is reduced despite manifest higher-order symmetry in the underlying fundamental laws-is pervasive throughout science and nature, playing a critical role in fields ranging from particle physics and quantum theory to cosmology and general relativity. For the growth of crystals, symmetry breaking is the crucial step required to generate a macroscopic shape that has fewer symmetry elements than the unit cell and/or seed crystal from which it grew. Advances in colloid synthesis have enabled a wide variety of nanocrystal morphologies to be achieved, albeit empirically. Of the various nanoparticle morphologies synthesize..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants DP120101573, DP160104679, and CE170100026 and used microscopes at the Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy funded by ARC Grants LE0454166 and LE100100227. W.T. thanks the Australian Department of Education and Training and Monash University for IPRS and APA scholarships. A.M.F. acknowledges support from the ARC through Future Fellowship funding (FT110100545). P.M. thanks the ARC for support under Grant LF100100117.