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Synthesis and Structure of cis-Dioxobis(pyrimidiie-2-thiolato- N, S)molybdenum(v˜)

PR Traill, AG wedd, ERT Tiekink

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1992


The characterization of two MoVI complexes, cis -[MoO2(2-pymS)2] and cis -[MoO2(2-pyS)2] (where 2-pymSH is pyrimidine-2-thiol and 2-pySH is pyridine-2-thiol), and their reaction with Ph3P are reported. The X-ray structure of cis -[MoO2(2-pymS)2] shows the molybdenum atom to exist in a distorted octahedral geometry defined by two mutually cis oxygen atoms and two chelating 2-pymS ligands so that the two sulfur atoms occupy approximate trans positions. Crystals of cis -[MoO2(2-pymS)2] are monoclinic, space group P 21/n, with unit cell dimensions: a 9.301(3), b 12.121(2), c 11.303(3) �, β 112.62(3)�, V 1176.3 �3, Z 4. The structure was refined by a full-matrix least-squares procedure to R 0..

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