Strengths and Benefits of the Victorian TAFE Model

R Schubert, L Goedegebuure, L Goedegebuure (ed.)

Victorian TAFE Association | Published : 2017


The Victorian TAFE Association commissioned the LH Martin Institute to prepare a paper on the Strengths and Benefits of the Victorian TAFE system. The rationale for this paper is set against the significant changes to TAFE systems that have occurred in other State jurisdictions largely in the last four years. Victoria is now the only State that retains a diverse system of TAFE Institutes comprised of 12 TAFE Institutes and 4 dual sector universities. Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the ACT have had in effect a one TAFE system for the last 10 years or more. South Australia established a one TAFE, one RTO in 2012. TAFE QLD was established in 2013, with 6 RTOs led by a General Manager, wi..

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