Original Creative Work - Visual Art Work

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise

Whitney Claflin, Alethea Everard, Christopher LG Hill, Casey Jeffrey, Jasper Jordan-Lang, Helen Johnson, Josey Kidd Crowe, Lucina Lane, Louis Mason, Anne-Marie May, Kate Meakin, Adelle Mills, Daniel Peter Petersen, L Radford, Nellie Reinhard, Kieren Seymour, Esther Stewart, Kalinda Vary

TCB art inc | Published : 2017


We’re people, moving in rows through long wood stacked locations Looking downwards into the square pond of manifested interiority The lines all look the same because we’re not looking At one another The dry grasses unexplored, in this windless city without walls - Adelle Mills, 2017

University of Melbourne Researchers