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Influence of maternal BMI on the exosomal profile during gestation and their role on maternal systemic inflammation.

Omar Elfeky, Sherri Longo, Andrew Lai, Gregory E Rice, Carlos Salomon

Placenta | Published : 2017


Recent studies report that 35% of women are either overweight or obese at reproductive age. The placenta continuously releases exosomes across gestation and their concentration is higher in pregnancy complications. While there is considerable interest in elucidating the role of exosomes during gestation, important questions remain to be answered: i) Does maternal BMI affect the exosomal profile across gestation? and ii) What is the contribution of placenta-derived exosomes to the total number of exosomes present in maternal plasma across gestation? Plasma samples were classified according to the maternal BMI into three groups (n = 15 per group): Lean, overweight, and obese. Total exosomes an..

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