Thesis / Dissertation

Inside the square box: skyscrapers and techno-economic developments in Melbourne Central Business District (1955-1995)

G Marfella, P Tombesi (ed.), P Goad (ed.)

Published : 2017


Focusing on the Central Business District of Melbourne between 1955 and 1995, this thesis investigates the evolutionary dynamics of tall office buildings. The investigation is undertaken from a techno-economic perspective that is informed by the testing of four factors of influence in relation to 1) function, 2) public and private stakeholders, 3) architectural form, and 4) building materials and systems. Following an evolutionary path similar to the Schumpeterian process of creative destruction, a building type, consisting of an office tower with square footprints, dominated the production of skyscrapers in Melbourne. After an embryonic stage of genesis, the type evolved in response to publ..

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