Conference Proceedings

Past Forward: How Australian Vertical Urbanism Can Learn from Its Tall Building Heritage

G Marfella, undefined Wood, A. (ed.), H Lochhead (ed.), P Oldfield (ed.), J Gabel (ed.)

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitata | Published : 2017


Sketching a comparison between Melbourne and Sydney, this presentation celebrates the evolutionary trajectory of development of vertical urbanism that flourished in Australia since the 1950s. While Sydney indulged in heroic modernism, Melbourne’s skyline in the 20th century was rather anti-iconic and oriented towards a citywide urban response that was instrumental for the construction of the city's highly-celebrated and ”livable” infrastructure. A breaking point of this progressive trend in Australian high-rise construction occurred after two major financial crises, but the disappointing built-forms and perceptions of a ”homogeneous” and indistinct skyline of some Australian cityscapes to..

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