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BRCA1 Is Required for Maintenance of Phospho-Chk1 and G2/M Arrest during DNA Cross-Link Repair in DT40 Cells.

Margarethe Draga, Elizabeth B Madgett, Cassandra J Vandenberg, David du Plessis, Aisling Kaufmann, Petra Werler, Prasun Chakraborty, Noel F Lowndes, Kevin Hiom

Molecular and Cellular Biology | Published : 2015


The Fanconi anemia DNA repair pathway is pivotal for the efficient repair of DNA interstrand cross-links. Here, we show that FA-defective (Fancc(-)) DT40 cells arrest in G2 phase following cross-link damage and trigger apoptosis. Strikingly, cell death was reduced in Fancc(-) cells by additional deletion of the BRCA1 tumor suppressor, resulting in elevated clonogenic survival. Increased resistance to cross-link damage was not due to loss of toxic BRCA1-mediated homologous recombination but rather through the loss of a G2 checkpoint. This proapoptotic role also required the BRCA1-A complex member ABRAXAS (FAM175A). Finally, we show that BRCA1 promotes G2 arrest and cell death by prolonging ph..

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